1. Steve Banks
    Bristol, UK
  2. Xhosa Cole
    Birmingham, UK
  3. Sara Colman
  4. Trish Clowes
    London, UK
  5. Alex Woods
    Birmingham, UK
  6. Young Pilgrims
    Birmingham, UK
  7. stillefelt
    Birmingham, UK
  8. Hans Koller
    London, UK
  9. Gonimoblast
    Birmingham, UK
  10. Jonathan Silk
    Birmingham, UK
  11. Ben Lee Quintet
    Birmingham, UK
  12. Mark Pringle
    Berlin, Germany
  13. Mike Fletcher
    Birmingham, UK
  14. TG Collective
    Birmingham, UK


Stoney Lane Records Birmingham, UK

Inventive, independent artist-led label, growing out of a whole host of musical inventions, collaborations, experiments, friendships and performances, centered around the city of Birmingham, UK. We focus on distinctive and exciting new music and people that we love, going wherever the music takes us – a core of jazz, crossing the eclectic worlds of improv, classical, electronics & world roots ... more

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